Flood or other water damage is a serious situation that has to be handled immediately. The water has to be removed quickly and efficiently before it can damage the residential or commercial property.

Water damage cleanup service providers use high-powered equipment to swiftly dry out, sanitize and deodorize the affected areas and restore the property to its pre-loss condition and minimize losses as much as possible.

However, water damage is not limited to just the property per se. Indeed, there is much more at stake than just the structure as the furniture, machinery, clothes, electronics, valuables, documents, photographs, keepsakes and other personal belongings risk getting soaked and damaged as well. In fact, corrosion, mold and other damage of contents can set in even after all the standing water is gone.

The prevailing sentiment is that water-damaged possessions are beyond repair and should be disposed off immediately. There is no option but to replace the items by purchasing new ones. This will not only cost a lot of money, but the sentiments and memories attached to personal knickknacks can never be replaced.

What to do?

Professional water, fire and mold remediation companies provide content cleanup and restoration services as well. This proves handy as the specialized staff will make every attempt to ‘restore’ the contents of the property.

In fact, the water damage restoration extends to the careful handling and restoration of all the personal belongings and will bring them as close to pre-loss conditions as possible.

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It begins with a careful inspection and evaluation of all the contents of the property that have been exposed to water. Everything from the material, composition and durability of the items to even the known reaction to restoration processes is meticulously assessed. An inventory of all the articles is precisely recorded for safety of security of the possessions.

The various items are subject to a thorough cleaning and restoration through appropriate methods such as laundry/dry cleaning, wet/ cleaning, spray and wipe cleaning, foam cleaning, immersion cleaning, abrasive cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, air duct cleaning, specialized drying chambers, ozone treatment, deodorization and so on.

If required, the contents are carefully moved to a secure and climate-controlled storage area where they are dried, cleaned, refinished, repaired, sanitized or otherwise restored as needed. The best possible care is assured as the possessions are subject to the most suitable treatment only.

In case some items are badly contaminated and cannot be salvaged, they are disposed of properly. Finally, all restored items will be securely returned to the owner once the cleanup of the premises is done as well.

In sum, prompt and efficient water damage restoration is key to salvaging not just the structure but also the invaluable contents inside the property. Save your important and irreplaceable possessions with professional water damage restoration services right away!

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